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4 Practical Steps To Becoming A Highly Effective Educator


The concepts in this book will help educators of all levels…

  • Develop and walk in new found confidence.
  • Increase student engagement.
  • Discover how to help improve student test scores.
  • Build a sense of community in your classroom and schools.
  • Obtain better performance reviews.
  • Refine classroom atmosphere and workflow.

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From The Author

If I Only Knew….

Very early in my career as an educator, the thought of giving up was ever-present. I encountered many of the challenges educators often endure. Students who wouldn’t pay attention, curriculum I hadn’t yet mastered, and constant roadblocks on new ideas to use in the classroom. Determined to positively influence my students, I searched for ways to become a better, more adequately equipped educator. I began to read and observe different techniques highly effective educators have used successfully. To all the wide-eyed rookies or war-weary veterans reading this book, I have great news; there is hope for you! The purpose of writing this book is to let you in on a few secrets that have helped myself and so many other educators conquer our challenges and become skilled, highly effective professionals.

Rebecca Harris

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